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to Research and Teaching

Business Journals

We offer a federation of 12 allied academies publishing a total of 15 different journals in various fields of business. With an acceptance rate of 15%, each of the journals of our affiliates is double blind, peer reviewed and each is listed in Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities, Google Scholar, EBSCO, ProQuest, Thomson Gale, LexisNexis and several other academic databases and search engines. These journals are simultaneously published in hard copy and online.


We hold several academic conferences each year in different locations with internet participation possibilities for those who are physically unable to attend the conferences. Conference registrants are eligible for the Accelerated Journal Review. To provide you with maximum outlets for your research, Allied Business Academies holds joint meetings of all its member academies.

Upcoming Conferences

  • Fall Conference in Las Vegas (October 26-28, 2016)
  • New Orleans (April 2017)
  • Dubai UAE (TBD 2017)

Who Are We?

We are an association of scholars, whose purpose is to support and encourage research and the sharing and exchange of ideas, knowledge and insights throughout the world.

Who Are Our Members?

The members of our affiliates are primarily teaching professors in business schools from around the world who lack research support staff and relief time. It is our special mission to serve this faculty. Come join us and let us show you the powerful and compelling research that such professors produce.